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Sailing Adventures of s/v Alpine Zephyr
"One must live the way one thinks, or end up thinking the way one lives" -- Paul Bourget


I have dreamed of sailing the seas since childhood. After years of family living, IT career and multitude of hobbies, I am following up on that dream. It is an open ended journey - no fixed plans and no end date - the time will tell.

My wife joins me on this adventure. As we sail, we learn not to rush, but rather to enjoy the life and beauty of the places we are in - staying as long as we like and moving on when new horizons catch our imagination.

This website is a casual photo chronicle of our journey - a more-or-less daily journal of pretty much what we have seen.
~~ Captain Alex

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did.
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
-- Mark Twain

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Cruising South Caribbean Islands

2016-12-22 ...

Northbound Cruising South Caribbean Islands

Grenadines Beach

Cruising Grenadines

Log#: 244      Date: 2016-12-22 ... 2017-01-10
LatLon: 12 35.692'N 061 24.659'W
LatLon: 12 36.185'N 061 26.943'W
LatLon: 13 00.298'N 061 14.445'W

As we going back the Caribbean Islands chain northbound, we revisit places we liked, skip ones we didn't, and look for places we missed on our southbound trip. Since many of them are repeat visits, there will be fewer details here.

We checked-in at Clifton Harbour on Union Island.
Visited a unique but expensive bar on the tiny island, called "Happy Island". The island was man-made by the owner, from corals and conch shells.

In Grenadines, we really liked the beach in Saline Bay, Mayreau. Back in June, in low season, the place was quiet, with calm seas and virtually no visitors.
This time, we are here in high season. There are quite few boats at anchor, and over the week of our stay here, we had only two days when there were no crowds brought by the cruiseships. Also, the north swell at the tome made it somewhat uncomfortable.
Nevertheless, we've managed to have quite decent Christmas Holidays there.

New Year we celebrated in Bequia. The fireworks were quite spectacular, rivaling some we've seen back home in Canada.

IMGP0710 Grenadines IMGP0711 Grenadines IMGP0713 Grenadines IMGP0716 Grenadines IMGP0720 Grenadines IMGP0737 Grenadines IMGP0738 Grenadines IMGP0744 Grenadines IMGP0747 Grenadines IMGP0751 Grenadines IMGP0754 Grenadines IMGP0761 Grenadines IMGP0773 Grenadines IMGP0775 Grenadines IMGP0777 Grenadines IMGP0781 Grenadines IMGP0783 Grenadines IMGP0787 Grenadines IMGP0789 Grenadines IMGP0803 Grenadines IMGP0812 Grenadines IMGP0823 Grenadines IMGP0824 Grenadines IMGP0827 Grenadines IMGP0829 Grenadines IMGP0831 Grenadines IMGP0832 Grenadines IMGP0837 Grenadines IMGP0839 Grenadines IMGP0843 Grenadines IMGP0846 Grenadines IMGP0847 Grenadines IMGP0848 Grenadines IMGP0850 Grenadines IMGP0851 Grenadines IMGP0853 Grenadines IMGP0854 Grenadines IMGP0856 Grenadines IMGP0858 Grenadines IMGP0861 Grenadines IMGP0864 Grenadines IMGP0881 Grenadines IMGP0886 Grenadines IMGP0894 Grenadines IMGP0895 Grenadines IMGP0900 Grenadines IMGP0911 Grenadines IMGP0916 Grenadines IMGP0917 Grenadines IMGP0922 Grenadines IMGP0927 Grenadines IMGP0933 Grenadines IMGP0934 Grenadines IMGP0935 Grenadines IMGP0937 Grenadines IMGP0939 Grenadines IMGP0942 Grenadines IMGP0943 Grenadines IMGP0944 Grenadines IMGP0964 Grenadines IMGP0965 Grenadines IMGP0966 Grenadines IMGP0967 Grenadines IMGP0969 Grenadines IMGP0970 Grenadines IMGP0973 Grenadines IMGP0976 Grenadines IMGP0983 Grenadines IMGP0984 Grenadines IMGP0986 Grenadines IMGP0988 Grenadines IMGP0991 Grenadines IMGP0997 Grenadines IMGP0998 Grenadines IMGP1001 Grenadines IMGP1006 Grenadines IMGP1007 Grenadines IMGP1009 Grenadines IMGP1015 Grenadines IMGP1016 Grenadines IMGP1023 Grenadines IMGP1024 Grenadines IMGP1026 Grenadines IMGP1027 Grenadines IMGP1032 Grenadines IMGP1033 Grenadines IMGP1035 Grenadines IMGP1042 Grenadines IMGP1043 Grenadines IMGP1048 Grenadines IMGP1049 Grenadines IMGP1056 Grenadines IMGP2037 Grenadines
Marigot Harbour St Lucia

St. Lucia

Log#: 245      Date: 2017-01-10 ... 2017-01-19
LatLon: 13 49.661'N 061 03.798'W
LatLon: 13 58.053'N 061 01.742'W
LatLon: 14 05.347'N 060 57.644'W
LatLon: 14 00.668'N 060 59.495'W

The St Lucia's Pitons is one of the magnificent sights in Caribbean. Being at anchor (mooring ball) between them gives a special feeling.

We stayed in 3 places this time in St. Lucia: the Pitons, Marigot Harbour and Rodney Bay. We also took a local bus trip to the capital city of Castries.

Approaching the Pitons St Lucia IMGP1076 St Lucia IMGP1078 St Lucia IMGP1080 St Lucia IMGP1081 St Lucia IMGP1088 St Lucia IMGP1097 St Lucia IMGP1098 St Lucia IMGP1099 St Lucia IMGP1101 St Lucia IMGP1103 St Lucia IMGP1104 St Lucia IMGP1108 St Lucia IMGP1115 St Lucia IMGP1116 St Lucia IMGP1120 St Lucia IMGP1122 St Lucia IMGP1124 St Lucia IMGP1125 St Lucia IMGP1130 St Lucia IMGP1131 St Lucia IMGP1135 St Lucia IMGP1138 St Lucia IMGP1150 St Lucia IMGP1153 St Lucia IMGP1155 St Lucia IMGP1156 St Lucia IMGP1159 St Lucia IMGP1162 St Lucia IMGP1170 St Lucia IMGP1171 St Lucia IMGP1173 St Lucia IMGP1177 St Lucia IMGP1179 St Lucia IMGP1180 St Lucia IMGP1185 St Lucia IMGP1187 St Lucia IMGP1190 St Lucia IMGP1191 St Lucia IMGP1192 St Lucia IMGP1193 St Lucia IMGP1194 St Lucia IMGP1197 St Lucia IMGP1198 St Lucia IMGP1199 St Lucia IMGP1202 St Lucia IMGP1207 St Lucia IMGP1211 St Lucia IMGP1212 St Lucia IMGP1214 St Lucia IMGP1217 St Lucia IMGP1218 St Lucia IMGP1219 St Lucia IMGP1220 St Lucia IMGP1221 St Lucia IMGP1222 St Lucia IMGP1228 St Lucia
Fort de France Martinique


Log#: 246      Date: 2017-01-19 ... 2017-02-14
LatLon: 14 25.458'N 060 50.531'W
LatLon: 14 32.503'N 061 04.170'W
LatLon: 14 35.835'N 061 01.241'W
LatLon: 14 36.806'N 061 06.102'W

We loved Martinique Island, again.

The French Caribbean islands are quite distinct from others, independent-country islands. They are part of France, and hence the EU. We found them cleaner, more civilized, with good services, stores stocked with European produce and reasonable prices.

Here, we have visited some touristy places, some urban, as well as some remote. In some we have been before (St-Pierre, Fort de France, Les Trois Ilets, Anse Mitan, Le Marin, Ste-Anne), and in some we were for the first time (Baie des Anglias on the south windward side, Anse a L'Ane, Cohe du Lamnetin, Schoelcher).

French come to this island for vacation from mainland France, creating a vibrant mix of locals and visitors. The atmosphere is lively; there are daily and nightly entertainment, and there always seem some parade or party going on. As a (amateur) drummer, I especially liked the drum marching bands a very strong beat.

Fort de France has become our favorite Caribbean city - it is as metropolitan as it can get in the region.

And what's not to like in Martinique? Baguettes, cheese, good French red wine, sunny weather, cloth-optional beaches...

Martinique Map and Weather Notes IMGP1231 Martinique IMGP1234 Martinique IMGP1238 Martinique IMGP1244 Martinique IMGP1247 Martinique IMGP1248 Martinique IMGP1249 Martinique IMGP1253 Martinique IMGP1258 Martinique IMGP1262 Martinique IMGP1266 Martinique IMGP1270 Martinique IMGP1272 Martinique IMGP1273 Martinique IMGP1275 Martinique IMGP1276 Martinique IMGP1278 Martinique IMGP1282 Martinique IMGP1284 Martinique IMGP1292 Martinique IMGP1293 Martinique IMGP1297 Martinique IMGP1301 Martinique IMGP1306 Martinique IMGP1308 Martinique IMGP1310 Martinique IMGP1312 Martinique IMGP1316 Martinique IMGP1319 Martinique IMGP1321 Martinique IMGP1322 Martinique IMGP1323 Martinique IMGP1325 Martinique IMGP1326 Martinique IMGP1327 Martinique IMGP1328 Martinique IMGP1333 Martinique IMGP1339 Martinique IMGP1341 Martinique IMGP1349 Martinique IMGP1352 Martinique IMGP1353 Martinique IMGP1358 Martinique IMGP1360 Martinique IMGP1361 Martinique IMGP1363 Martinique IMGP1367 Martinique IMGP1368 Martinique IMGP1369 Martinique IMGP1371 Martinique IMGP1373 Martinique IMGP1374 Martinique IMGP1376 Martinique IMGP1377 Martinique IMGP1378 Martinique IMGP1380 Martinique IMGP1382 Martinique IMGP1384 Martinique IMGP1387 Martinique IMGP1401 Martinique IMGP1404 Martinique IMGP1406 Martinique IMGP1407 Martinique IMGP1408 Martinique IMGP1409 Martinique IMGP1413 Martinique IMGP1417 Martinique IMGP1428 Martinique IMGP1431 Martinique IMGP1433 Martinique IMGP1434 Martinique IMGP1440 Martinique IMGP1441 Martinique IMGP1442 Martinique IMGP1449 Martinique IMGP1456 Martinique IMGP1458 Martinique IMGP1463 Martinique IMGP1465 Martinique IMGP1470 Martinique IMGP1471 Martinique IMGP1472 Martinique IMGP1478 Martinique IMGP1479 Martinique IMGP1487 Martinique IMGP1491 Martinique IMGP1498 Martinique IMGP1502 Martinique IMGP1503 Martinique IMGP1511 Martinique IMGP1516 Martinique IMGP1517 Martinique IMGP1521 Martinique IMGP1526 Martinique IMGP1531 Martinique IMGP1532 Martinique IMGP1533 Martinique IMGP1534 Martinique IMGP1536 Martinique IMGP1539 Martinique IMGP1540 Martinique IMGP1543 Martinique IMGP1546 Martinique IMGP1559 Martinique IMGP1560 Martinique IMGP1563 Martinique IMGP1566 Martinique IMGP1571 Martinique IMGP1572 Martinique IMGP1573 Martinique IMGP1574 Martinique IMGP1577 Martinique IMGP1579 Martinique IMGP1586 Martinique IMGP1593 Martinique IMGP1594 Martinique IMGP1596 Martinique IMGP1599 Martinique IMGP1600 Martinique IMGP1601 Martinique IMGP1605 Martinique IMGP1606 Martinique IMGP3000 Martinique IMGP3050 Martinique
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