Slow Cruise

Sailing Adventures of s/v Alpine Zephyr
"Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived." -- JEAN LUC PICARD, Captain, Starship Enterprise

Sailing Logs

The Beginning

The Beginning

Surveying and purchasing our sailing yacht
Annapolis and Chesapeake Bay

Annapolis Area and Chesapeake Bay Cruising

Cruising on a sailboat in Annapolis Area and Chesapeake Bay
ICW Virginia

ICW Virginia Cruising

Cruising Virginia along ICW on a sailboat
ICW North Carolina

ICW North Carolina Cruising

Cruising North Carolina along ICW
ICW South Carolina

ICW South Carolina Cruising

Cruising South Carolina along ICW
ICW Georgia

ICW Georgia Cruising

Cruising Georgia along ICW

Florida Cruising

Cruising Florida on a sailboat
Bahamas Central

Cruising Bahamas - Central Area

Cruising Central Bahamas on a sailing yacht
Bahamas Exumas

Cruising Bahamas - Exumas Island Chain

The place of pristine beaches and clear colorful water. Looking down on the islands from space (Google Earth), one can see an orb of brilliant colors - cobalt blue, turquoise, opalescent sand banks. The cays are like sparkling tiny gemstones, linked like precious jewelry, strung together and begging to be treasured.
Bahamas Out Islands

Cruising Bahamas Out Islands

Cruising Bahamas remote Out Islands on a sailing yacht
Turks And Caicos

Crusing Turks and Caicos Islands

Crusing Turks and Caicos Islands on a Sailboat
Dominican Republic

Crusing Dominican Republic

Crusing Dominican Republic. Interestig culture, great food.
Puerto Rico

Cruising Puerto Rico

Cruising South Coast of Puerto Rico.
Spanish Virgin Islands

Spanish Virgin Islands

Spanish Virgin Islands are considered pert of Puerto Rico territory. They consist of two major islands - Vieques and Culebra as well as many smaller islets.
US Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands

There are three main islands in the US Virgins. Each has a different history and has developed in a different way. St. Thomas is modern and touristy, St. John is still in an almost untouched natural state and a large part of it is a Natural Park, St. Croix is still living in its colonial past.
British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands

Proclaimed as the word's sailing paradise, British Virgin Islands is a great place for cruising - beautiful island scenery, protected bays and nice weather. However, it is packed with charter boats and all best anchorages are filled with paid mooring balls.
North Leeward Islands

North Leeward Islands

Leeward Islands span some 200 miles and include 10 major islands established as separate nations - some French, some Dutch, some independent with English tradition.
South Leeward Islands

South Leeward Islands

Moving south along the Leeward Islands chain.
North Windward Islands

North Windward Islands

Cruising North Windward Islands - Martinique and St. Lucia
South Windward Islands

South Windward Islands

Cruising South Windward Islands - Grenadines and Grenada
Grenada Windward Islands

Grenada, Windward Islands

Northboud Cruising Grenada and South Caibbean Islands
South Caribbean Islands

Cruising South Caribbean Islands

Northbound Cruising South Caribbean Islands - Grenadines, St. Liucia, Martinique.
Central Caribbean Islands

Cruising Central Caribbean Islands

Northbound Cruising Central Caribbean Islands - Dominica, Marie Galante, Guadeloupe.
North Caribbean Islands

Cruising North Caribbean Islands

Northbound Cruising North Caribbean Islands - Antigua, Barbuda, Saint Martin / Sint Maarten, Anguilla.
Virgin Islands

Cruising Virgin Islands

Northbound Cruising British, US and Spanish Virgin Islands.
After Hurricanes

Cruising After Hurricane Season

Cruising Puerto Rico After Hurricane Season
South and Eastern Bahamas

Cruising South and Eastern Bahamas

Cruising South and Eastern Bahamas
Abacos Bahamas

Cruising Abacos, Bahamas

Cruising Abacos, Bahamas
Berry Islands Bahamas

Boat Upgrades in Florida and Cruising Berry Islands, Bahamas

After spending several weeks in Florida working on boat projects, we have finally set sail for Berry Islands, Bahamas. Spent a good time there.
Nassau and Northern Exumas

Nassau, New Providence and Northern Exumas

Stayed few days in Nassau, capital of Bahamas Islands. Then headed to Northern Exumas, were we visited several islands.
Southern Exumas Back to Florida

Southern Exumas and Back to Florida

It was the time COVID-19 started. Sailing restrictions have been put in place, and cruising Bahamas become more difficult. Time to go home.
Georgian Bay

Cruising Georgian Bay Ontario on Disco

We enjoyed cruising tropics on a sailboat during winter months so much... Then COVID hit and border restrictions made travel difficult. So, how about summer in Ontario? It is home of the largest and undoubtedly best fresh water cruising grounds in the world! So I bought a modest classic motor cruiser to explore tens of thousands islands of Great Lakes and surrounding waterways. Starting with Georgian Bay, Lake Huron.

Cruising Florida

At some point, we were wishing to have a seasonal condominium in Florida, to spend winters. Then we thought it would be boring to sit in one place for months. So, having a boat, it was logical to just cruise around the areas you like, experience its local life, moving form one place to another if get bored. This time our plan was to cruise around Florida, from East coast, to Florida Keys and then to West/Gulf coast.

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