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Sailing Log: Grenada, Windward Islands

Northboud Cruising Grenada and South Caibbean Islands

Fall at Cabin

Back Home in Canada

Log#: 235

He have spent summer and fall at home in Canada, where we took few road trips, met with friends, stayed at our cabin in the woods "up north", and just lived "normal" live on the land.
Sailed regattas at the Whitby Yacht Club.
I also had worked on a contract a little and had a chance to catch up on some of my projects.

Field Flowers River Canals Goose Scupture Fire at Cabin Cabin in the Woods At Cabin Creek Devils Pit Wooded Beach Sweet Cherries Music Festival Winery Sailing at Whitby Yacht Club Dreaming of Sailing SunsetTauntonGardens
Yacht Hauling at Grenada Mrine

Grenada Marine Boatyard

Log#: 236
LatLon: 12°01.231'N 061°40.772'W

After a several months break, we are resuming our cruising adventures. This would be our third season of sailing the tropics.
The plan is to cruise Northbound along the Caribbean Islands chain, re-visiting places we liked and taking different routes to new places we have missed during our Southbound trip. I will post somewhat less to avoid repeats.

While at the boatyard in Grenada, our yacht has undergone a major hull job - layers of old paint were blasted down, hull was sanded, and a special primer with 2+ layers of new antifouling paint were applied.
We also purchased a new dinghy, whisker pole and replaced 2 solar panels.

We also did a major provisioning for the cruising season in Grenada.
Ready to sail again.

Grenada Marine Boatyard Hull Stripping Work Begins Hull Stripping Hull Stripped Hull Job Completed Hull Job Completed Antifoulong Paint Provisioning in Grenada Grenada Rum New Dinghy Our Yacht Launch Flying Flags
Anchored at Egmont Harbour

Egmont Harbour, Grenada

Log#: 237
LatLon: 12°00.777'N 061°43.435'W

Port Egmont Harbor is becoming one of our favorite places. Almost always we are the only yacht in this large, protected and quiet bay. There are only couple of small roadside places to get food and a bus stop to the city up the hill. There are no other services, facilities or activities in walking distance - that's probably the reason why cruisers don't stop here.

This time we have spend more than a week here - mainly working on the boat, fishing, walking the surrounding hills, taking couple bus trips to the city and relaxing.

Egmong Harbour Bridge Egmont Harbour Egmont Harbour Shore Views of Grenada Views of Grenada Grenada House Views of Grenada At Small Beach At Small Beach Fishing Boats at Small Beach Having Snack at Grenada Roadside Bar Boatwork Servicing Winch Dinghy Hoisted Anchored Alone Abandoned Resort Construction at Egmont Harbour Fishermen at Egmont Harbour Fried Fish at Egmont Harbour Our Yacht Anchored at Egmont Harbour
Secret Harbour Anchorage

Mt. Hartman Bay, a.k.a. Secret Harbour, Grenada

Log#: 238
LatLon: 12°00.053'N 061°45.013'W

We have missed Mt. Hartman Bay on during our Southbound Grenada trip, so we decided to stay for few days here. The bay is also known as Secret Harbour, although I can't see any secret thing about it.
The other nearby bays are reachable by dinghy from here, we visited Hog Island couple times.

Surrounding Area Map Secret Harbour Shore Sected Harbour Secret Harbour Entrance Dinghy Dock at Secret Harbour Marina Cliff Cliff Shack at Hog Island Hog Island Area Sign View from Hog Island Tourist Catamaran at Gog Island Bar Shack at Hog Island Laudry Day Anhored at Secret Harbour Dinner at Secret Harbour Sunset at Secret Harbour My Favorite Tropical Drink
St Georges Grenada

St. Georges, Grenada

Log#: 239
LatLon: 12°02.465'N 061°45.308'W

Stayed few nights at the anchorage near Grenada's capital, St. Georges. Visited historical Fort George, had an evening at Grenada Yacht Club party where we've met a cruising couple from Germany.

The Carenage St Georges Grenada Fort George Cannans Fort George Yard View from Fort Georges Commercial Port St Georges Grand Anse Beach Grenada Grand Anse Beach Grenada Grand Anse Beach Grenada Afternoon Grand Anse Beach Grenada The Lagoon St Georges Anchorage at St Georges Sunset at St Georges Anchorage View from Grenada Yacht Club At Grenada Yacht Club Evening with Fellow Cruisers ContainerShip Load at Night Sunset at St Georges Anchorge St Georges
At Gragon Bay Beach

Dragon Bay, Moliniere Point, Grand Mal - Grenada

There is an underwater sculpture park on the west shore of Grenada, so we sailed to the Dragon Bay, near Moliniere Point where the park is.
Unfortunately, there is no map with sculptures' locations, so finding them in 15-45 ft of murky water was a challenge. Seen one underwater sculpture, but plenty of lively fish.

We had an interesting time at Dragon Bay - best fish meal we've ever tried, and the worst rolly night so far in our cruising...

Next night we've moved to the next bay south, Grand Mal. The quiet coastal town there seems to be a base of the fishing fleet. Definitely most comfortable bay on the Grenada’s west coast.

According to the weatherman, the following day next day suppose to be the best weather window for the passage to the next island on our trip...

Sailng to Dragon Bay Sailing to Dragon Bay Dragon Bay Dragon Bay View Boats at Dragon Bay Dragon Bay Beach At Dragon Bay Beach Running from Dragon Bay Waves Bar at Dragon Bay At Dragon Bay Bar At Dragon Bay Bar Afternoon at Dragon Bay Sunset at Dragon Bay Anchored at Dragon Bay Sunset Dragon Bay at Dusk At Dragon Bay Bar Dragon Bay Bar at Night Fishermen at Dragon Bay Grand Mal Bay Grand Mal Dinner at Grand Mal Sunset at Grand Mal After Sunset at Grand Mal
Sandy Island Grenada

Sandy Island, Near Carriacou, Grenada

Log#: 241
LatLon: 12°28.964'N 061°28.992'W

This is one of the prettiest islands in the Caribbean.
Can't describe it better than pictures.

Bought fresh red snapper from local fisherman - had it for a nice dinner.

Schooner on Passage Sandy Island Sign Sandy Island Grenada Sandy Island Grenada Sandy Island Moorings Palms at Sandy Island Grenada Fish Skeleton atSandy Island Grenada Other Sode of Sandy Island Grenada (1) Sandy Island Beach Growing Plant at Sandy Island Grenada Under Palm at Sandy Island Grenada Standing Under Palm at Sandy Island Grenada Palms at Sandy Island Grenada Walking Sandy Island Beach Picnic Table Sandy Island Grenada Hermit Crabs at Sandy Island Grenada Holding Hermit Crabs at Sandy Island Grenada Sandy Island Grenada Evening at Sandy Island Grenada Palms Other Side Sandy Island Grenada Evening at Sandy Island Grenada Evening Hideaway at Sandy Island Grenada Afternoon at Sandy Island Grenada Sandy Island Palms Eveninng At Sandy Island Beach Replanting Coconut Palm Tree Roots on Sandy Island Beach Sunset at Sandy Island Grenada Fresh Fish Diner at Sandy Island
Tyrrel Bay Carriacou

Back at Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou

Log#: 242
LatLon: 12°27.380'N 061°29.103'W

We are back at Tyrrel Bay, a nice protected harbour on the west shore of Curriacou Island.
Things didn't change much here since our last visit last June.

Had our dodger zippers replaced here at the local canvas and sail shop.

One day took a dinghy tour around a mangrove maze lagoon. Very quiet place.

Anchored at Tyrrel Bay Dinghy Dock at Tyrrel Bay Tyrrel Bay Anchorage Boats Anchored at Tyrrel Bay Anchorage Tyrrel Bay Shore Tiny Beach Bar at Tyrrel Bay Tyrrel Bay Anchorage Goats House and Store Tyrrel Bay Beach Tyrrel Bay Dinghy Dock House Busy Tyrrel Bay Shore Small Local Bar at Night Tyrrel Bay Anchorage After Sunset Mangrove Lagoon at Tyrrel Bay Exploring Mangrove Lagoon at Tyrrel Bay Mangrove Lagoon at Tyrrel Bay Abandoned Trawler Carriacou Oyster Bed Sign Dead Coal Small Beach Docked Cargo Ferry Sunset at Tyrrel Bay After Sunset at Tyrrel Bay
Petite Marinique

Petite Martinique

Log#: 243
LatLon: 12°31.428'N 061°23.491'W

Before leaving Grenada, we decided to visit a small island just east of Carriacou - Petite Martinique. Had strong headwinds on the way there, mostly motored. Dropped anchor on a busy leeward shore, which appear to be another fishermen boat base. After quick lunch, went ashore.

Explored island shore roads. Quite interesting. Nice views of nearby islands.
Quick connect to the Internet near local post office to check emails and download weather forecast data for the next week.

On the walk back, we decided to have a dinner at the local beach restaurant, about which I've read good reviews about.
Owners opened the restaurant just for us and we were only customers for the dinner. Lovely setting, good food, but not cheap.

When leaving Petite Martinique, we wanted to visit a small private island nearby - Petite St. Vincent. Unfortunately, the weather was squally and rainy for some time, and that morning definitely did not look like a nice day for an island stroll. We will keep that for another visit here...

Approaching Petite Martinique Petite Martinique View Petite Martinique Anchorage Gipsy Boaat at Petite Martinique Anchorage Hills of Petite Martinique Petite Martinique Shore Fishing Boats at Petite Martinique Anchorage Petite Martinique Dock Small Boats on Petite Martinique Shore (1) Small Boats on Petite Martinique Shore (2) Petite Martinique Ferry Stop Old House at Petite Martinique Petite Martinique Post Station View of Petit St Vincent Petite Martinique Shore and Goat Abandoned Housr at Petite Martinique Roat Up Petite Martinique Rugged Shore View From Petite Martinique Shore Shore Cabin at Petite Martinique End of Road Small Cemetery View of PSV and Union Islands Road to the Beach Petite Martinique At Petite Martinique Beach Gazebo Day End at Petite Martinique Palm Beach Restaurant Petite Martinique At Palm Beach Restaurant Petite Martinique Dinner at Petite Martinique Evening at Palm Beach Restaurant Petite Martinique
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