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Sailing Adventures of s/v Alpine Zephyr
"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." -- Jacques Yves Cousteau
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Sailing Log: South Windward Islands

Cruising South Windward Islands - Grenadines and Grenada

Docks Admiralty Bay Bequia

Admiralty Bay, Bequia, Grenadines

Log#: 216
LatLon: 13°00.661'N 061°14.549'W

Sailing from St. Lucia to Bequia, we passed by St. Vincent island - after doing some research I have decided not to stop there.

The Bequia Island is liked by many. The Admiralty Bay is fairly protected, and the Port Elizabeth town is small but active. There are several stores, fresh produce market, marine services, etc.

When fishermen come ashore with their catch, they blow a conch horn. We bought fresh red snapper from them couple times.

The Princess Margaret beach on the south shore of the bay is very nice, with soft bright sand.

We stayed for several days in Admiralty Bay, and after filling up our water tanks from the floating water supply boat, we sailed to our next destination.

Passig St Vincent St Vincent Shore Town St Vincent Palmed Shore Oscar North Admiralty Bay Bequia Amiralty Bay Boats Port Elizabeth Shore Boats Port Elizabeth Shore Shops Port Elizabeth Bequia Souvenir Stand Bequia Port Elizabeth Street Bequia Admiralty Bay Shore Anchored Admiralty Bay Bequia Fresh Market Bequia Boats Admiralty Bay Bequia Admiralty Bay Bequia Admiralty Bay Bequia Admiralty Bay Bequia Path Along Admiralty Bay Bequia Path Along Admiralty Bay Bequia Path Along Admiralty Bay Bequia Princess Margaret  Beach Bequia Princess Margaret  Beach Bequia Small Restaurant Bequia Admiralty Bay Bequia Boats Admiralty Bay Bequia Anchored Admiralty Bay Bequia Cloudy Day Small Bar Oscar Bequia House on Hill Bequia Unassuming House Oscar Bequia Fort Hamilton Admiralty Bay Bequia View of Oscar Bequia At Fort Hamilton Lookout Bequia View of Admiralty Bay from Fort Hamilton Bequia Under Tree Admiralty Bay Bequia Local Shop Bequia Small Boat on Shore Admiralty Bay Bequia Bequa Yacht Club Boys View of Admiralty Bay Bequia Boats Anchored Admiralty Bay Bequia Princess Margaret Beach Bequia Princess Margaret Beach Bequia At Princess Margaret Beach Bequia Princess Margaret Beach Bequia Local Vendors Bequia Pizza Hut Stand Bequia Admiralty Bay Dock At Bequia Boutique Shop Dinner Sunset Admiralty Bay Bequia
Friendship Bay Dock

Friendship Bay, Bequia, Grenadines

Log#: 217
LatLon: 12°59.346'N 061°14.061'W

We had a couple days stop at Friendship Bay on the southeast side of Bequia Island.

As it turns out, the swell comes from southeast and wraps around the cape, making it a rolly anchorage. So I put an anchor bridle to point bow to the waves - it made our stay much more comfortable.

On the shore, we hiked up the hill to visit a small and quiet local restaurant Diamond Seafood. It is owned by a Bequia transplant from Check Republic. While he was cooking a meal for us, he told us an interesting story about his life adventures.

Passing by Shipwreck Settlement on Hills of South Bequia House in Friendship Bay Bequia Swell Wrapping Around Cape Islands Nearby Friendship Bay Dock Friendship Bay Beach Hills of Friendship Bay Bequia View of Friendship Bay Bequia Diamond Seafood Restaurant Diamond Seafood Restaurant View from Diamond Seafood Restaurant Diamond Seafood Restaurant Owner Cook Houses of Friendship Bay At Friendship Bay Beach Beachside Resort Frienship Bay Bequia Anchored in Friendship Bay Bequia Sunset at Friendship Bay Bequia
Local Shop Canouan Grenadines

Canouan, Grenadines

Log#: 218
LatLon: 12°42.454'N 061°19.701'W

We only stayed for one night in Canouan - didn't like the vibe of the town, and the anchorage was rolly at night. Picked up some fresh produce and fish, didn't go far.

Approaching Canouan Canouan Anchorage Resort in Canouan Tamarind Beach Hotel Dock Canouan Resort in Canouan Turtle Canouan Vegetable Market Fresh Fish Stand Canouan Another Fresh Produce Stand Canouan Houses in Canouan Sparrows Local Rum Dinner Nearby Boat Anchored in Canouan
Tobago Cays Grenadines

Tobago Cays, Grenadines

Log#: 219
LatLon: 12°37.835'N 061°21.391'W

Tobago Keys is THE destination in Caribbean.
The water and reef colors are a kaleidoscope of gold, brown, blue turquoise and green; cays with palmed sandy beaches; fresh breeze...

It's also helps to be here off season, when there are fewer crowds.

We arrived here on a perfect sunny day. The next day tropical wave came in with windy night and couple of cloudy days afterwards.

The fish was biting our toes as we were swimming off the transom platform. Didn't get to see much of sea turtles.

Tobago Cays Beach Tobago Cays Beach Arriving at Tobago Cays Tobago Cays Boats Anchored at Tobago Cays Tirtle Beach Tobago Cays Islands View from Tobago Cays Grenadines Tobago Cays Windsurfing At Tobago Cays Waters of Tobago Cays Tobago Cays View At Tobago Cays Happy Me At Tobago Cays Schooner at Tobago Cays Feeding Seagals at Tobago Cays Swiming at Tobago Cays Afternoon in Tobago Cays Afternoon in Tobago Cays Boats at Tobago Cays Our Home at Tobago Cays Dinner at Tobago Cays Afternoon at Tobago Cays Tobago Cays Beach Rocky Faces at Tobago Cays Tobago Cays Beach View of Tobago Cays Grenadines Igiana at Tobago Cays Beach Palm at Tobago Cays At Tobago Cays Beach At Tobago Cays Beach Sunset at Tobago Cays
Salt Whistle Bay Mayreau

Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau, Grenadines

Log#: 220
LatLon: 12°38.820'N 061°23.438'W

I have found Salt Whistle Bay at the NorthWest corner of Mayreau Island to be pretty, but too small and overcrowded.

Mooring balls take most of the anchorage area, annoying "park ranger" kept giving instructions to boaters, and then there are boat boys who often come over to your boat and try to sell you stuff.

Salt Whistle Bay Anchorage Boats Anchored Salt Whistle Bay Mayreau Vendors and Bars at Salt Whistle Bay Mayreau Rough Bar Salt Whistle Bay Mayreau Salt Whistle Bay Beach Salt Whistle Bay Mayreau Stone Path Palms at Salt Whistle Bay Mayreau Beach Resort Salt Whistle Bay Mayreau Vendors in Salt Whistle Bay Mayreau Salt Whistle Bay Bar Last Bar Before the Jungle Salt Whistle Bay Mayreau Clouds Salt Whistle Bay Mayreau Dinner in Salt Whistle Bay Sunset in Salt Whiltle Bay
Drum Jamming at Saline Bay Bar Mayreau Grenadines

Saline Bay, Mayreau, Grenadines

Log#: 221
LatLon: 12°38.107'N 061°23.851'W

We really liked the Saline Bay. The anchorage is pretty, spacious, protected and not visited by many.

The beach park (for occasional cruiseship crowd) is clean, inviting and very picturesque. We had memorable picnics and very good time there, along.

Up the hill, there is a small local town. We have visited an interesting bar there and, after some drinks, I had drum session with a bar host. It was really fun.

Boats Anchored at Saline Bay Mayreau Power  Pant Saline Bay Mayreau Saline Bay Beach Saline Bay Dock Ancorage View from Saline Bay Mayreau Saline Bay Beach Park Saline Bay Beach Park Saline Bay Beach Park Saline Bay Beach Park Saline Bay Beach Saline Bay Beach Park Saline Bay Beach Park Saline Bay Beach Park At Saline Bay Beach Park Mayreau Our Picnic Table a  Saline Bay Beach Park Saline Bay Beach Park Mayreau Saline Bay Beach Park Flowers at Saline Bay Beach Park Cactuses Along the Road Saline Bay Mayreau View of Saline Bay Mayreau Shacks in Local Town House and Bar Restaurant Guesthouse Resort Local Kid on Railing Restaurant Bar at Saline Bay Mayreau Entrance to the Bar Bar Host Saline Bay Mayreau Playing Drums at Saline Bay Bar Flags at Bar Saline Bay Mayreau Palms at Saline Bay Beach Grenadines Reading Material Anchorage View from Saline Bay Mayreau
Fresh Produce Market Clifton Union Island

Clifton, Union Island, Grenadines

Log#: 222
LatLon: 12°35.651'N 061°24.701'W

We visited Clifton primarily to clear out of the Saint Vincent and Grenadines before sailing to Grenada.

The Clifton Harbour anchorage is protected from large waves by a reef, but is still windy and not really comfortable.

After filling up our water tanks at Anchorage Yacht Club dock, we went ashore, visited a waterfront restaurant and had a chance to stock up on fresh produce at the local market.

Passing Palm Island Anchorage Yacht Club Dock Small Island Bar At Clifton Harbour Achorage Clifton Harbour Anchorage Reef Protects Clifton Harbour Fresh Market Clifton Union Island Small Bars a Clifton Union Island Waterforn Restaurant Clifton Union Island The Snack Shack Clifton Union Island Sargasum Washed Ashore Sunset at Clifton Union Island
Chatham Bay Restaurant Union Island

Chatham Bay, Union Island, Grenadines

Log#: 223
LatLon: 12°36.150'N 061°26.940'W

We sailed to the Chatham Bay on the west side of Union Island.
The bay is large but gusty, with rocky coral shore where we had good swims.

On the shore, there are five small and rough beach bars/restaurants competing for the yachties' dollars.

As in many places in the Caribbean, there are boat boys coming to offer you something, including beach restaurant meals. This time we agreed to visit one of such restaurants, at least to see what it's all about.
The meal was good, but not cheap. We also had an interesting talk with hosts, sharing our stories and ideas.

Chatham Bay Union Island Bars Ashore Chatham Bay Union Island Restaurant at Chatham Bay Union Island Small Bars at Chatham Bay Union Island Small Bar at Chatham Bay Union Island Bars at Chatham Bay Union Island Chatham Bay Beach Anchored at Chatham Bay Union Island Chatham Bay Resort Chatham Bay Resort Resort Dock at Chatham Bay Union Island Resort Dock at Chatham Bay Union Island Big Rock on Chatham Bay Beach Coral Rocky Beach Chatam Bay Seagrass Chatham Bay Union Island At Restaurant Chatham Bay Union Island View from Chatham Bay Restaurant Our Meal at Chatham Bay Restaurant Union Island Our Hosts at Chatham Bay Restaurant Union Island Restaurnats at Chatham Bay Shore Union Island Squaters at Chatham Bay Union Island Sunset at Chatham Bay Union Island
Frigate Island

Frigate Island, Grenadines

Log#: 224
LatLon: 12°35.013'N 061°26.271'W

We needed to check-out at customs in Clifton, but the anchorage there is quite windy, so we stayed in a more protected area nearby, behind the Frigate Island.

It was a quiet stay, watching mountains, windsurfers and fishermen.

Ashton Town Under Mountains Union Island Frigate Island Bay Windsurfer at Frigate Island Fishermen Near Frigate Island
Lazy Turtle Restaurant at Tyrrel Bay

Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou

Log#: 225
LatLon: 12°27.428'N 061°29.104'W

We checked in with Grenada customs at Tyrrel Bay, Curriacou. Stayed here for few days.

The bay is big, well protected and full of boats. Many cruisers stay here for a long time.

The place is welcoming and pleasant, with marina/boatyard, several stores and restaurants.
We have tried a Lion Fish here for the first time - very delicious!

Flying Grenara Courtesy Flag Tyrrel Bay Rusty Ship at Tyrrel Bay Tyrrel Bay Anchorage Tyrrel Bay Anchorage View of Tyrrel Bay Shore Tyrrel Bay Beach and Goats Cafe at Tyrrel Bay The Sundowners Hanghout at Tyrrel Bay Beach Simple House at Tyrrel Bay Marina and Yard at Tyrrel Bay Rental House Gate at Tyrrel Bay View of Tyrrel Bay from Restaurnat View of Tyrrel Bay from Restaurnat Nice Benches At Lazy Turtle Restaurant Tyrrel Bay Book Swap Place Tasting Lion Fish at Tyrrel Bay Tyrrel Bay Beach Tyrrel Bay Comercial Dock Fresh Produce Vendor at Tyrrel Bay Internet Station Tyrrel Bay Tyrrel Bay Anchorage Tyrrel Bay Shore Sunset at Tyrrel Bay Sunset at Tyrrel Bay
Tiny Stoes at Hillsborough Carriacou

Hillsborough, Carriacou

Log#: 226
LatLon: 12°29.021'N 061°27.526'W

We decided to do a day trip and took an inexpensive bus ride to the town of Hillsborough nearby.

Did not see anything special, but the trip was a nice change.

Hillsborough Bay Carriacou At Hillsborough Beach Hut Restaurant at Hillsborough Carriacou Hillsborough Tourist Office Dollarman Store Hillsborough Hillsborough Street Hillsborough Family Store Hillsborough Bay Beach Hillsborough Bay Beach Excelcias Butterfly Bar Hillsborough Our Lunch at Hillsborough Bar Waterfront Bar Hillsborough Fishermen Boat at Hillsborough Bay Bay View from Hillsborough Shore
Gouyave Grenada

Gouyave, Grenada

Log#: 227
LatLon: 12°10.147'N 061°43.843'W

We have made it to Grenada!

On the way, we sailed near an active underwater volcano. It is quite deep, so we didn't see or feel anything.

Our first stop in Grenada was at Gouyave.
We were hoping to stay here for the weekly seafood fest. Unfortunately, the swell was rocking our yacht and we felt quite uncomfortable. So we decided not to stay overnight and after a short lunch we moved on.

Kick Em Jenny Rock Approaching Grenada Houses in Lush Grenada Mointains Gouyave Grenada Shore Town of Gouyave Grenada
Fishermen Boats at St Georges Carenage

St. Georges, Grenada

Log#: 228
LatLon: 12°02.452'N 061°45.302'W

St. Georges is the capital of Grenada.
You are no longer allowed to anchor in the inner harbour, so we had to stay at the outside anchorage.

The place is busy, with a local character. We walked along the old historical streets, got some fresh produce at the market and some boat stuff at the chandlery.

View of St Georges Grenada Passing Containership Trimast Sailship Anchored St Georges Grenada St Georges Busy Waterfront St Georges Grenada Street Short Cannon at St Georges Grenada St Georges Street Traffic Jam St Georges Grenada Market St Georges Grenada Young Musicians St Georges Grenada Tunnel St Georges Grenada Old Buildings St Georges Grenada View of St Georges Grenada Port Louis Marina Grenada Big Trimaran Yacht at Port Louis Marina Grenada Cliffy Shore at Anchorage St Georges Grenada Sunset at St Georges Anhorage Grenada Resort at Grand Anse Grenada
Prickly Bay Grenada

Prickly Bay, Grenada

Log#: 229
LatLon: 11°59.806'N 061°45.779'W

From St. Georges, we sailed around the Pt. Saline to the south coast of Grenada.

We wanted to stay at True Blue Bay, but on arrival I have found that good anchoring area has been seeded with mooring balls. After circling around, we moved to the next bay just around the corner - Prickly Bay.

Stayed couple nights at Prickly Bay. It is a popular bay and many cruisers spend the hurricane season here and the surrounding area.

One day took an easy short bus ride to the Grand Anse area, where we visited the local mall, picked up some takeout food and had a nice lunch at the waterfront park.

Cliff Cove Southwest Genada True Blue Marina True Blue Bay Prickly Bay Grenada Prickly Bay Marina Office Prickly Bay Maina Live Music Hall Spice Island Yard at Pricly Bay Improvised Parade Park at Grand Anse Grand Anse Beach Fisherman at Grand Anse Beach Grand Anse Beach Grand Anse Beach Park at Grand Anse Tropial Tree Flower Grenada RnR Home in Grenada Navigation Sketch of the Area Sunset at Prickly Bay Grenada
Hog Island Grenada

Hog Island, Grenada

Log#: 230
LatLon: 12°00.121'N 061°44.556'W

I have read about Hog Island being a center of the Grenada's cruisers activity.

We came here to celebrate Fathers Day, hoping for a god fun at the island. Unfortunately, upon arrival I did not find it to be an attractive place. There was no life in the evening so we went back to the yacht to cook our Fathers Day dinner.

The anchorage is full with permanent fixture boats and we haven't seen any of the activities on this small island.

On the plus side, the anchorage here (if can find a spot) is very calm and it was a pleasant stop after few rolly bays we've visited just before.

Hog Island Busy Anchorage Liveaboard Hog Island Grenada Hog Island Beach Hog Island Bridge Hog Island Anchorage View of Hog Island Feeding Seagals Hog Island Grenada Examining Grenadas South Coast Bays
Clarkes Court Bay Whisper Cove Marina View

Clarkes Court Bay, Grenada

Log#: 231
LatLon: 12°00.667'N 061°44.207'W

Stayed few days in Clarkes Court Bay.
Walked around the small village of Woburn where we visited restaurant, bought some supplies and I gave my old manual windlass to the consignment shop.

Privare Island Development Woburn Dock Clarkes Court Bay Shore Clarkes Court Bay Boatyard Hog Island View from Clarkes Court Bay Woburn House Small Restaurant at Woburn Woburn Businesses View of Clarkes Court Bay from Woburn At Woburn Restaurant. Meal at Woburn Restaurat Clarkes Court Bay Woburn Dock Clarkes Court Bay View From Woburn Dock Fishermen Huts at Woburn Clarkes Court Bay Abandoned House Woburn Clarkes Court Bay View of Clarkes Court Bay Clarkes Court Bay View Woburn Houses House at Clarkes Court Bay Seeping at Work Houses Clarkes Court Bay Hills
At Grenada Waterfalls

Grenada Waterfals

Some of the Grenada's beauties are lush mountains, tropical forests and waterfalls.
One day we took a trip to the waterfalls, organized by cruisers.

We visited two waterfalls - Seven Sisters Falls and Annandale Falls.
Had a lively one-hour hike in the tropical forest and a refreshing swim in soft waters of the falls.

Lush Mountuns of Grenada Our Tour Group Small Entry House to Falls Grenada Grenada Countryside View Outdoor Kitchen Nutmegs Bamboo Hiking Tropical Trail Hiking Tropical Trail Tropical Plants Forest River At Waterfalls At Waterfalls At Waterfalls Jumper at Waterfalls Our Group at Waterfalls Local Youth Nearby Sisters Wagterfalls Banana Tree Grenada Mountains View Jewelry Stand Tropical Garden Tree At Tropical Garden Path Hanging Tropical Plants at Waterfall At Waterfall Tropical Garden
Egmont Harbour

Egmont Harbour, Grenada

Log#: 233
LatLon: 12°00.759'N 061°43.410'W

Our travels for this season were coming to the end.
On our way to haul-out, we stopped in a calm bay not often visited by boats. Stayed few days here, enjoying solitude and preparing the boat.

Grenada Shore Homes Nice Waterfront Estate Small Beach Boats at Egmont Harbour Dhore House on Egmont Harbour Hills Egmont Harbour Hills Egmont Harbour Bridge Stopped Resort Construction at Egmont Harbour Laundry Day Sunset at Egmont Harbour
Haul Out at Grenada Marine

Greanada Marine Boatyard

Log#: 234
LatLon: 12°01.241'N 061°40.727'W

After staying one night at the anchor nearby, we haul-out our yacht on hard for the season.

We will schedule some work to be done on the yacht by the yard - the bottom job is well overdue - and then fly back home until late fall.

St Davids Point View of Grenada Marine St Davids Harbour Shore St Davids Harbour Shore Haul Out at Gernada Marine Grenada Marine Yard Grenada Maine Dock Restaurant at Grenada Marine Grenada Marine Boatyard Boats at Grenada Marine Hauled Out Strapped Down for the Hurricane Season View of Beach Evening at Grenada Marine Boatyard
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