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"The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea" -- Isak Dinesen
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Sailing Log: Annapolis Area and Chesapeake Bay Cruising

Cruising on a sailboat in Annapolis Area and Chesapeake Bay

Weems Creek

Weems Creek

Stayed on US NAVY mooring ball (free if available, or anchor) in Weems Creek for 3 nights. It had all we wanted: the bay is nicely sheltered, pretty/scenic, good cell and OK-ish wi-fi connection, and a short dinghy access to shore with access to the strip mall, small restaurant and grocery store.
It was out first stay, and we liked the place.

Inflated dinghy, installed an outboard motor, did some repairs, tried riding it.

Couple of times went to shore to pick up some groceries, had a lunch at pizzeria, and just walked around.

Our Yacht Anchored in Weems Creek Weems Creek Anchorge Me Trying Dinghy Captain Crew First Mate Neigbour
Little Round Bay

Little Round Bay, St. Helena Island

Anchored around 15:00 in 15' of water. Stayed overnight, enjoyed the view. Some loud boaters around...

Anchored in Little Round Bay Little Round Bay Dusk St Helena Island
Sullivan Cove Sunset

Sullivan Cove

Log#: 6
LatLon: 39°03.870'N, 076°32.940'W

Today we picked up anchor and moved from Little Round Bay (around Helena Island) to an anchorage in Sullivan Cove, along Severn River. Before night, dinghyed ashore to pick up some groceries and stretch legs. It's hot on land! (not so on the water). Swim often to keep cool.
Had a nice sunset dinner (as most of the days). Larysa tried fishing - no luck.
Next day watched Wednesday Sail Racing along the river.

Houses at Sullivan Cove Anchorage Sullivan Cove Anchorage Sullivan Cove Anchorage Shore Access Beach at Sullivan Cove Good Luck Fishing Sail Rasing
Sunset AT Indian Lanading

Indian Lanading, Severn River

Log#: 7
LatLon: 39°04.890'N, 076°36.120'W

Decided to go to Indian Landing - the end navigable point of Severn River (for boats of our size).
Once anchored, had a cocktail drink.

Explored surrounding waterways on dinghy. Run out of gasoline, had to paddle back to the yacht. On the way, "forgot" Larysa on a sandbar in the middle of the cove.

Stayed for 2 nights. Gorgeous sunsets.

Approaching Indian Landing Indian Landing Exploring on Dinghy Exploring on Dinghy Exploring on Dinghy Sandy Island Lasysa Marooned On Sandy Island Lasysa Marooned On Sandy Island Bird Taking off View with drinks Our Yacht at Anchor Night at Indian Lanading
Back Creek Ancbhorage Crowded

Back to Back Creek

Motored all the way back from Severn River's Indian Landing to Back Creek.
Very tight anchorage. Topping-up fuel, water and getting some groceries before leaving further.

Back Creek Ancchored in Back Creek
Thomas Point Lighthouse

Leaving Annapolis - Sailing

Left Annapolis area, heading toward West River.
A good day to sail.
Passing Thomas Point Lighthouse.

Sailing Sailing Larysa at the Helm Sailboats Near Thomas Point Lighthouse On Passage to West River
Docked at Galesville Yard

Galesville, West River - Replacing Alternator

Log#: 10
LatLon: 38°50.410'N, 076°32'W

Arrived in Galesville harbor.
Visited town - small, couple shore restaurants and antique stores, marine services. Not much to see. No free Wi-Fi.

Wanted to charge batteries after draining one bank by the fridge. Turns out alternator is not providing any power to the batteries any more. Performed some troubleshooting - alternator looks broken.
Luckily, there is a full service boat yard in Galesville. Called for repairs, technician arrived on a boat, had a look, confirmed my suspicion - alternator needs to be replaced. Made arrangements for tomorrow.

Anchored overnight - windy.

Next morning motored to the yard for alternator repairs. Costs$! 8-(. Now, once seen what it takes, I would do labor myself.
Stayed overnight at the yard's dock (courtesy of the yard).

Leaving across the bay to St. Michaels in the morning.

Docked at Galesville Yard Hunting Hut Galesville Harbour
Crab Feast

St. Michaels, Miles River

Wanted to sail across the Chesapeake Bay to St. Michaels. No chance - no wind, had to either wait for the wind (?) or motor. Motored.

Stayed in St Michaels for few days - walked around town, picked up some groceries, did laundry.
The town is a typical small (post-middle-age) tourist oriented town - dozens of seemingly same gift/antique shops on the main street selling same stuff, not much else. But I think we liked it after all - it definitely has some charm.
Some areas near water get flooded during high tide.

Visited Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum ( - large (dozen or so buildings) - informative, well worth the visit.

Did some wiring on the boat.
Was able to pickup free wi-fi while at anchorage.

Also, after watching all of the crab catching activity in the area, decided to have a nice crab feast, all-you-can-eat.

St Michaels Entrance St Michaels Anchorage Out Yacht at St Michaels Anchorage Visiting Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Inside maritime museum Catching Crabs River Inlet Anchorage View Laundry Day Anchorage Neighbour Anchorage Neighbour St Michaels Street St Michaels St Michaels Park St Michaels Park Walking Flooded St michaels Street Anchorage at Dusk Skipjack Raising
Anchored ta Dividng Creek

Wye River - Dividing Creek

Very picturesque and natural setting for the anchorage.
Stayed two days. Loved it.
Walked in the State Park, Larysa tried fishing.
Installed solar panels (400W) - system works quite well, should provide enough power to run all electrical systems, including fridge - at least during sunny days.

Dividng Creek Dividng Creek Dividng Creek Trying Some Fishing Wye River
Wye Landing after sunset

Wye River - Wye landing

Quiet setting, just a landing ramp and a small store. Bought some bait, tried fishing - again, no luck.
Stayed at anchor for one night. Interesting small place.

Wye Landing Wye Landing Wye River Wye River
Collonial tallship in Oxford

Oxford, MD

Sailed 8 hrs to Oxford. Good sailing in winds 10-15 knots. Larysa had some seasickness, but eventually, after having a drink, it passed.

Oxford is a small town, nothing special. One convenience store, 3 boatyards...

Found a leak of coolant - in the air heater core. Could not fix it myself, ordered a replacement part, to be delivered at a post office in our next port of call - Cambridge.

A large tall ship arrived as we had a dinner in the cockpit - quite impressive, I guess it's kind of ships used to colonize this land centuries ago.

Leaving tomorrow morning.

Oxford Anchorage Oxford waterfront in Oxford at anchor Oxford Dock At anchor getting dark Leaking heater On the way to Oxford Collonial tallship
Docked at Cambridge Creek town dock

Cambridge, MD

Sailed / motorsailed few hours to Cambridge, MD. Docked at the public free dock. Free wi-fi as well, but no water and electricity hookups.

Got some fresh produce at the local waterfront Farmers Market, picked up fresh crab meat from the seafood processing place steps away. I liked the fresh crab meat, Larysa not so much.

Next morning took a local bus to the Walmart nearby to get supplies and some stuff for the boat.

Happen to be here during IRONMAN(.com) running event - interesting sightseeing.

Tried our boat BBQ - chicken turned out very delicious.

We were hoping for the Friday delivery for our air heater part. Unfortunately, it didn't make to the post office by Friday, it would arrive on Monday afternoon. So we took advantage of this and stayed few more days in the town (free dockage after all) - did laundry, had a lunch at the waterfront restaurant overlooking out yacht at the dock, walked around, taking easy.

Larysa painted cockpit teak.

Cambridge Creek Docked at Cambridge Creek town dock Docked at Cambridge Creek town dock Teak oiling cockpit seats Crabmeat our boat BBQ first bbq dinner Cambridge lighthouse Cambridge lighthouse Canbridge Street restaurant at restaurant Dock neighbour Skipjack tour boat ironman run ironman run Saining to Cambridge lighthouse along the way
Hudson Creek Anchorage

Hudson Creek

A convenient spot to cut out path from Cambridge to Solomons in two.
Quite scenic.

It's getting cold - time to move south.

Pines before Pines after
Solomons anchorage near museum


Log#: 17
LatLon: 3819.890' N, 076 27.600' W

Stayed 2 nights in Solomons at anchor, waiting for the windy and rainy weather to pass.
Dinghyed to shore to local marine and convenience stores. Weather is too unpleasant to go outside and visit the town, so stayed on board - changed transmission oil, fixed head light...

Will be going south, skipping places we would like to visit - time to move. The cruising grounds of Chesapeake Bay are vast - need months to get a fair feeling.

Next passage will be quite long (for us), ~ 8 hrs, to Reedville, leaving Maryland and entering Virginia.

Dinghy Dock Dinghy in rain My workshop Solomons inner creek
Sailing Chesapeake

Sailing from Solomons to Reedville

Log#: 18

While leaving Solomons, both of our sails were stuck, mainly because our inexperience in handling furling sais in strong winds. We had to spend an hour straitening thins out, while battling the wind and trying to avoid other boats and shoals. Few lessons learned.

Sailing in strong winds, waves 4-5 feet. Larysa didn't like it...

Had to go around lots of fishing nets on the way to Reedville - dangerous, annoying.

Sailing Chesapeake Sailing Chesapeake Sailing Chesapeake Sailing Chesapake  Rainbow Cloud Sailing Chesapeake Lighthouse Fishing Nets Fishing Nets
Reedville Anchorage


I have read about food processinbg plant smell in Reedville - it's very true - discussing, offensive, smells miles away!

Anchored farther north.

Visited town - not much to see, except ice-cream shop and Fisherman's Museum. Visited museum, walked around main street.

Reedville Anchorage Aproaching Reedville Fishing Ships Fishing Ships Reedville Street Reedville Street Reedville water tower Reedville Anchorage at night Ruins Near Reenville Anchoring in Reedville Anchoring in Reedville
Sunrise at Deltaville Anchorage


Stayed one night in Deltaville.
Docked at the public peer, then went to get groceries - too long walk! Got beer and pizza on the way back (seems long time since had that).
Anchored nearby overnight.
Not much to see in town. Will keep moving south.

Public Dock in Deltaville Feeding Seagals Pizzza ad Beer Dinner
Mobjack Bay Anchorage

Bobjack Bay

Anchored two nights in Mobjack Bay.
Oiled teak parts of the deck, fished a little... Just relaxed.

We will be entering Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) shortly, so I refreshed my earlier research on navigating it. Unfortunately, since it's mostly in closed waters, we will be motoring most if the way. I will try to make off-shore sailing detours when possible.

Mark Along the Way Anchored in Mobjack Bay Larysa Fishing in Bobjack Bay BBQ in Mobjack Bay Dinner Sunset in Bobjack Bay Bobjack Bay Sunset
Downtown Hampton VA

Hampton, VA

Log#: 22
LatLon: 37 01.479' N, 076 20.450' W

Stayed 1 night in Hampton Public Piers (marina) - first time in marina.
Walked around Hampton downtown area, fried seafood for lunch. Washed boat, laundry and shower in marina.

Flying big sail Passing Old Light Morning Pancakes At Marina Dock At Marina Dock Downtown Hampton VA Hampton Shore
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