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Sailing Log: Cruising Puerto Rico

Cruising South Coast of Puerto Rico.

Mona Passage

Mona Passage

Log#: 114
LatLon: 18°33.237'N, 067°44.168'W

A day and a half motor-sail across the Mona Passage, between Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.
Weather planning was not bad – fairly calm travel conditions, only distant thunder and lightning. Not much happened.

Sailing Mona Passag Puerto Rico in Sight
Mayagues Commerical Dock

Mayaguez, PR

Log#: 115
LatLon: 18°12.960'N, 067°09.633'W

Arrived at Mayaguez, one of the Puerto Rico's official port of entry.
Cleared in with US Coast Guard / Border Control, Customs and Immigration.
The city, at least the part where we anchored, is a bit too industrial and does not offer much to the cruiser. So after clearing formalities, walking around to see how people live, picking up some groceries and resting, we picked up the anchor and left.

Anchored at Mayaguez Mayaguez Street Empty Paquette Mayagues US Customs House Old Building Fishing Boat Mayagues Shore Sunset at Mayaguez
Marina at Puerto Real

Puerto Real

Log#: 116
LatLon: 18°04.256'N, 067°11.339'W

Puerto Real is a small fishing village inside a nice, small, well protected harbour. There is a good new marina where we filled our fuel and water tanks. Visited small shops, got some fishing line and lures, walked around the village. Second day stayed at the boat, did repairs to the depths sounder and other boat projects.

Shore Shacks Poerto real Street Garden Cactuses Pelican Nice PR House Fisherman at Puerto Real Harbour Puerto real harbour Puerto Rican Rum Sailing Boat
Boqueron Beach


Log#: 117
LatLon: 18°01.246'N, 067°10.550'W

Stayed few days at Boqueron. The place is sleepy during the week, but turns into a party town during the weekend. It's mostly bars and restaurants in the town, and a great long beach.
Unfortunately, few places mentioned in the cruising guides (marine and grocery shops, post office, laundry) are no longer there.
We had a good time in this town. Tried fresh raw scallops and oysters at the street place. Visited a nice waterfront restaurant - good seafood, and you can feed the fish swimming beside. Walked around, visited a mangrove park, bough some souvenirs for home.
We then spent an amazing day at the beach. It was rainy at times, but the water was warm and it was really nice to swim there.
On the way home (i.e. to the yacht) we were hungry, followed the smell from one of the bars - sat down for a snack with the local beer, watching people having good time and day coming to the end. At night at the yacht - more drinks with the dinner, with live music coming from the shore.

Boqueron Dinghy Dock Boqueron Anchorage Morning at Boqueron Harbour Abandoned Boat at Boqueron Marina House with Flowers Local Diving Shop On Bogueron Street Street Vendors View from Restaurant Live Fish at the Restaurant Live Fish at the Restaurant Desert Time Desert Boqueron Mangrove Park At Mangrove Park Street Shell Place Shells Tried Boqueron Beach View From Boqueron Beach At the Boqueron Beach Boqueron Beach Trees Boqueron Beach Park at Boqueron Beach Park Boqueron Beach Red Flower Tree Yellow Flower Tree Between Palms Boqueron Town Shore Boqueron Dock Sunset at Boqueron Anchorage
Cabo Rojo Lighthouse

Cabo Rojo

Log#: 118
LatLon: 17°56.474'N, 067°11.837'W

A quick overnight stop staging our pass around the treacherous Cabo Rojo.
Not a pleasant stop – anchorage was rolly because the surge coming around the cape, and the awful smell coming from the nearby salt pond was waking me up during the night.

Cabo Rojo Shore Cabo Rojo Mangroved Shore Day Ends at Cabo Rojo Anchorage Leaving Cabo Rojo at Sunrise
La Parguera

La Parguera

Log#: 119
LatLon: 17°58.245'N, 067°03.007'W

Stayed few days at La Parguera.
Similarly to Boqueron, it is a shore weekend getaway town for Puerto Ricans. Many bars and restaurants, souvenir stands, etc. Several reef islands and lots of water activity around. Also there are two marine supply stores and a decently stocked supermarket.
We had a nice night in the down, wondering streets among locals, having Pina Colada and listening to the music.

Reef Island on Approach to La Parguera La Parguera Reef Islands Reef Island Near La Parguera Zeppelin La Parguera Town Shore At La Parguera Street La Parguera Street Life La Parguera Life at Night Having Drinks La Parguera Street Vendors La Parguera Shore at Night Reef Island
at Gilligans Island

Guanica, Gilligan's Island

Log#: 120
LatLon: 17°56.756'N, 066°52.246'W

After La Parguera, our plan was to visit Bahia Fosforesente – a bioluminescent bay where bio organisms in the water make it light up at night when disturbed. Unfortunately, the bay entrance seems to become silted and we could not take our yacht inside it - on approach, our depth sounder started to sound shallow water alarm and we had to turn around.
So we went further East to Guanica, Gilligan's Island.

One of the favorite pastimes of Puerto Ricans is hanging out on many islands on the South Coast. The Cayos de Cana Gorda (also known as Cayo Aurora and "Gilligan's Island") is a public park and one of such places. People come there to have BBQs and to soak in the water on the weekends.

So one day we followed the pack and landed on a secluded beach for a picnic and to soak in the water. We had a memorable time there.

on a Passage to Guanica Shore on a Passage to Guanica Anchored Here Gilligans Island Cayo Aurora Sign Public Soaking Busy Place BBQs etc Soaking Islands Dock Giligans Island Small Beach Mangroved Island Mangroved bay Going to Our Beach On the Beach yacht View Soaking Soaking Mangroves Mangroves Mangroved Shore In Mangroves Green Lizzard Mangroved Bay Beach Before Sunset Island Begore Sunset Trying to Fish
At Ponce Central Park


Log#: 121
LatLon: 17°57.915'N, 066°37.203'W

Visited Ponce, Puerto Rico's second largest city.
Unfortunately, there is not much anything near the shore and you need taxi (or rental car) to get anywhere and visit the city. Nevertheless, we stayed for few days – visited historical downtown area, did some shopping at great prices, picked up provisions, etc.

We wanted to stay more in Ponce, but the weather window was closing and we had to move on.

Ponce Yacht and Fishing Club Ponce yacht Club Shore Dinghy Sailing at PYC Anchorage La Guancha Shore Boardwalk Shore Boardwalk Firehouse Arhcirecture Street Shopping Cathedral Church Gray Sunset Leaving Ponce
Caja de Muertos

Isla Caja de Muertos / Coffin Island

Log#: 122
LatLon: 17°53.735'N, 066°31.577'W

Visited Isla Caja de Muertos, a.k.a. Coffin Island. Had a pleasant walk uphill to the old lighthouse, built by Spanish in 1887. The views are amazing from the top! Spent some time swimming at the beach.

At Anchor SW Cape Anchored Yacht and Pelican At the Beach Coffin Island Shore Path to Lighthouse Tree Cactuses With Cactuses Lighthouse at Caja de Muertos 1887 Lighthouse at Caja de Muertos View from the Top Yacht View Another view Old Pier Lighthouse at Coffin Island
Salinas Anchorage

Salinas Anhorage

Log#: 123
LatLon: 17°57.569'N, 066°17.586'W

Arrived at Salinas, anchored in a protected bay for few days.
Walked around the shore village, checked out some local establishments... It's a pretty, inviting area, although does not offer much for the cruising sailor – you need a car to get groceries and other things.

The local people are quite friendly – we were offered a ride to the store and helped in other ways.

Here, we found a decent internet connection, so I used it to do some research on where to leave the yacht for few months while we fly back home to Canada. Apparently, the onshore storage places in PR are limited and are booked months ahead of time. And not cheap either. Spent some time looking for alternatives - not many. Decided to leave the yacht in the local Marina de Salinas (se the other post below).

Arriving at Salinas Bay Salinas Village Street Restaurant with Local Street Snacks Boat Dock Dockside Sainas Beach Parking Salinas Beach Beach Bar At the Water Water Fun Tried this View of Marina Boats at Salinas Anchorage Night at the Anchorage Sunset at Salinas Anhorage
Mangroves of Jobos

Mangroves of Jobos

Log#: 125
LatLon: 17°55.928'N, 066°14.326'W

A small trip for a quiet day in the mangrove maze of Jobos.
Did a little of yacht's bottom cleaning, afternoon nap, tanning, reading, listening music, etc. Just relaxed.

Anchored at Jobos Jobos Shore Montains and Plant View Sunset at Jobos Sun is Down Stern View
Docked at Marina de Salinas

Marina de Salinas

Log#: 126
LatLon: 17°57.521'N, 066°17.640'W

So we are staying at the Marina de Salinas, and will be leaving our yacht here for few months during the hurricane season, while fly home to Canada.

Rented a car – drove around to see the area, did some provisioning and shopping.

Also did quite few boat projects, mainly maintenance and upkeep. Preparing yacht for the long-term stay.

Just taking days slowly.

Marina de Salinas Building Marina View Boats Docked View from the Dock View from the Bow Boat Anchored Nearby Snack Bar Snack Bar Dock at Dusk Beach Island Nearby Beach Island Nearby Mrina de Salinas View Shore Docks Boat in Mangroves Carried by Hurricane Our Yacht Docked Small Dock Restaurant Back View View from the Dock Salinas Square Beach Nearby Beach Nearby Snack Bar Mangrove Path Snack Bar in Mangroves Pool at Night at the Pool Cool Jeep Green LIzzard Yahct Bookshelf Snack Bar Snacks at the Snack Bar Docked at Marina
Old San Juan

San Juan

Log#: 127
LatLon: 18°28.030'N, 066°06.693'W

Our flight from Puerto Rico was from the San Juan airport, so we decided to take the opportunity and spend few days at this old city. Rented a car and a hotel room and explored the Old San Juan.

The old part definitely has the charm of the old European city – colonial architecture, narrow streets, pleasant parks and plazas, shops and restaurants, etc.
The San Cristobal Castle historical site was also well worth the visit.

Hotel Hotel Terasse At the Shore San Juan Shore San Juan Shore Park San Juan Beach Old San Juan Street Old San Juan Street Old San Juan Street Old San Juan Plaza Old San Juan Street at the Old San Juan Plaza Iside San Francisco Church Inside Restaurant at San Cristobal Castle at San Cristobal Castle San Cristobal Castle View San Cristobal Castle Shore View San Cristobal Castle City View San Cristobal Castle Canon Balls San Cristobal Castle Cannon Slot View San Cristobal Castle Cannon Control Tower at Centry Box San Cristobal Castle Centry Box Centry Boxes of San Cristobal Castle View from San Juan City Wall San Juan Park Painting in Hotel
At Home in Canada

At Home in Canada

Log#: 128

It's the hurricane season in the tropics, and we are back at home in Canada for few months, while our yacht is at the "hurricane hole" slip in Puerto Rico.

Reunited with our daughter, met with friends, visited our cabin in the woods, worked on some projects, and just enjoyed those few months of nice weather in Canada.

At the Back Yard Jazz Festival at Beaches Toronto Pumpkin Season Country Ride Our Cabin Cabin in Woods Driveway in Woods At the Cabin Cooking on Fire at the Cabin At the Lake Fall Foilage
At the Slip

Continue Cruising - Back to Salinas, Puerto Rico

Log#: 129
LatLon: 17°57.522'N, 066°17.641'W

Glad to be back here.
Staying at the marina slip for couple weeks, while preparing our yacht for the next season of cruising.

Temperature is 30 ēC with light breeze. Watching pelicans diving for fish. Again rented a car for the day to get some marine supplies from San Juan. Cleaned the bottom, did extensive provisioning.

Among other boat projects, upgraded our ground tackle from an old manual windlass with rope and some chain to a new electrical windlass with 200 ft of chain. Big $$$ for our budget...

Wished to stay more, but our prepaid time at the marina is ending and we should catch the next suitable weather window for going further East and South. Time to explore new places!

Sunset at Marina de Salinas At the Dock at Night Road to San Juan Pelican Pelicans Diving Old Ground Tackle Old Windlass Removed New Chain 200 ft New Lewmar Electrical Windlass New Ground Tackle Insalled Docked Boats at the Marina Liming at the Marina Stocked Up Marina de Salinas Restaurant Last Night at the Restaurant Sunrise at Salinas Anchorage Leaving Salinas
Puerto Patillas

Puerto Patillas

Log#: 130
LatLon: 17°58.533'N, 065°59.646'W

This was our last overnight stop at Puerto Rico main Island.
The anchorage is pretty but rolly, we did not go ashore.

Next stop - Spanish Virgin Islands.

On the way to Puerto Patillas Sailing Souh East Puerto Rico Pto Patillas At Night
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