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Sailing Adventures of s/v Alpine Zephyr
"Do just once what others say you can't do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again." -- Capt. James Cook
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Sailing Log: ICW Georgia Cruising

Cruising Georgia along ICW

St Augustine Creek

Savannah River / St. Augustine Creek

Log#: 40
LatLon: 32°03.700'N, 080°59.115'W

An overnight stop in a narrow and deep creek just past Savannah River.
Like sunsets...

Baulieu anchorage sunset

Baulieu / Vernon River

Log#: 41
LatLon: 31°55.877'N, 081°06.839'W

Had a short run to this anchorage - tomorrow earlier morning going to catch a high tide to pass the Hell Gate, one of the shallowest areas on ICW.
Arrived earlier - changed engine oil & filter (overdue), had BBQ chicken + fried potato + tomato salad for dinner.

BBQ checken dinner Mark on the way  see 8 ft low tide ICW scape
Watching Sunset

North River

Log#: 42
LatLon: 31°24.169'N, 081°21.296'W

Most Georgia’s ICW anchorages look pretty much the same: narrow and deep rivers in tree-less marshes. The North River anchorage was not much different.
Learning how to play tides in order to pass ICW’ shallow trouble spots. Sometimes have to wake up early, move shorter or longer distances to make marks, for staging next day passage. Waking up early again next morning.

Sunset Desert Before Sunset Lonly fisherman
Jekyll Island Ocean Shore

Jekyll Island

Log#: 43
LatLon: 31°02.446'N, 081°25.450'W

An interesting stop. There is a nature reserve park on the island, and a new "village" development near ocean shore.
Had a nice walk in the area. No provisions except the gas station store and DQ.

Jakyll Island Anvchorage into sunrise into sunrise Jakyll Island Dock At Jakyll Island anchorage Jakyll Island lake at Jakyl Island Village Jakyl Island Beach Nature Trail at Jakyl Island Ocean walk Nature Trail Fishing Trawler Fishing Trawler Fishing Trawler Sunset at Jakyll Island Anchorage
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