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Sailing Adventures of s/v Alpine Zephyr
"Life is what happens while we are busy making plans" -- John Lennon.
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Sailing Log: Cruising Bahamas - Central Area

Cruising Central Bahamas on a sailing yacht

On Lookout For Bahamas

Sailing across the Gulf Stream

Log#: 65
LatLon: 25°42.685'N, 079°39.852'W

Left Cape Florida around 3AM, to arrive at Bimini, Bahamas around noon. Interesting experience to sail at night. Weather was great for a delightful sailing most of the passage.

Tried catching fish along the way - no luck, again.

Sunrise Someone Slacking off Bahamas on the horizon Racing toward Bahamas
Bimini marina

Bimini, Bahamas

Log#: 66
LatLon: 25°43.421'N, 079°17.851'W

Arrived at Bimini Islands around noon.
Docked and stayed overnight at one of the marinas, cleared Customs and Immigration.

Walked around Alice town, browsed street shops, got some local food and beer to celebrate the arrival to Bahamas.

Raising Bahamian courtesy flag Alice Town Along main street Bimini Museum Bimini Beach Local Food and Beer Conch Gate Larysas new friends Bimini Beach marina at night
At Cat Cays

Gun Cay and Cat Cays

Log#: 67
LatLon: 25°32.700'N, 079°16.607'W

Decided to explore nearby cays - left Bimini and sailed south toward Gun and Cat Cays.

First, tried anchoring west of Gun Cay, near Honeymoon Harbour. Could not set the anchor properly - the bottom is rocky, and the anchor would not dig in. Tried picking a sandy spot 3 times, every time diving to check if anchor was set - no success. Since wind shift was expected, decided to try another anchorage for the better night sleep.
So motored to the nearby West side of the North Cat Cay. The anchor set well (again, dived to confirm), however the westerly swell from the Straits of Florida perpendicular to the northerly winds created a very uncomfortable rolling - I think it was the worse night we had so far during our voyage.

In the morning, moved again to somewhat better location south of the North Cat Cay.
Spent several days there. There always seem to be western swell, rolling the boat, so few nights were uncomfortable.

North Cat Cay is a privately own community, with its marina and airstrip for small airplanes. They must have some small farm as well - we could hear roosters calling often.

Went on beach on South Cat Cay, spend here 3 days. No one around except us...
Larysa found her new hobby - collecting shells, I relaxed, explored the island, did some reading, planned for upcoming passages.

We have found several conches, enough for a nice seafood meal. Although it's a lot of work to prepare.

And, we had pets during our stay here - two small sharks (remoras) found home under our boat. We called them Lucy and Roxy, same as out cats back home in Canada. They loved our food drops.

Collecting Shells Cat Cay Shore Estate Cat Cay Shore Estates Shore Estate Shore Estate Anchorae on a Grim Day Anchored Yaht Grim Day Grim Day Grim Day at Anchorage Island Bush At Anchorage Anchored Yacht Bahamian Island Shallow Beach Larysa on the Shallow Beach at Low Tide Dinghy on the Island Beach at Low Tide Cat Cays Beach Starfish Starfish in Hand Holding Conch Shell Small Shell Crab Picknicking on Beach Beach Lunch Our New Pet Making Sense of Weather Reports Lighthouse at Gun Cay Cut Sunrise at Cat Cays After Sunset
Chub Cay Resort

Chub Cay, Berry Islands

Log#: 68
LatLon: 25°24.580'N, 077°54.590'W

Sailed from Cat Cays to Chub Cay, with an overnight anchoring on the Great Bahama Bank. It is an unusual experience, anchoring in the middle of the sea with no land in sight.

Chub Cay is a convenient stop for traveling further East. Mostly a private island. Spend few days here - visiting local resort/marina, exploring nearby islands, picking up fresh groceries from the local store and topping-up water tanks before moving on. Met other cruisers from Ontario, on a similar route to Exumas.

Achored at Chub Cays Chub Cay Beach Sailing Great Bahama Bank Just Sailing Along Cockpit View Sunset at Great Bahama Bank Anchored Boats At Chub Cays Checking Anchor Chub Cay marina Navigating Marina Canal Barracuda Before Barracuda After Barracuda After After Island Sore Chub Cay Anchorage Chub Cay Walk Island Shore Crab Cay Proud Find Seastar Crab Cay Shore Achored at Chub Cays Crab Island Find
View from Frasers Hog Cay

Fraser's Hog Cay, Berry Islands

Log#: 69
LatLon: 25°25.826'N, 077°49.908'W

For the next few days, weather forecasts predicted strong westerly winds, so decided to check out another nearby spot with more wind protection from that direction - Fraserís Hog Cay.
The Cay is a quite secluded spot - we anchored across a small inviting beach.

We spent first day walking around the beach, small stroll around the island, snorkeling and collected some conch for the dinner. The evening weather was perfect, including a nice sunset on the quiet clear water.

The next day we had a campfire picnic on the beach. What a wonderful day it was!

Frasers Hog Beach Semi Abandoned Yacht Club Storm Approaching Conch Dinner Dust Collector Shallow Waters Vie from Mangroves Beach Yacht View from Beach Frasers Hog Shore Frasers Hog Shore Frasers Hog Shore Frasers Hog Beach Yacht View From Beach yacht View Beach Shore Camping on the Beach Beah Camping Fire Cookig Dinner Camping at Dark Low Tide Sunset in Mangroves Getting Dark at Low Tide Just before Sust Sky View Sunset at Frasers Hog Cay Sunset at Frasers Hog
Mahi Catch

Pasing Nassau - West Bottom Harbour / Rose Island Anchorge

Log#: 70
LatLon: 25°05.030'N, 077°12.500'W

The next day was my lucky fishing day - caught a mahi during our brisk sailing passage!

On our way to Exumas, we needed to stop overnight around the Nassau, New Providence Island area.
For various reasons, decided not to go into the Nassau harbour and venture out to city - so we anchored a little to the East, in the West Bottom Harbour near Rose Island. Had 8 boats anchored with us, many Canadians.

View of Atlantis Hotel Nassau Rose Island Anchorage BBQ Mahi Diner Rose Island Sunset
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