Slow Cruise

Sailing Adventures of s/v Alpine Zephyr
"With a sailboat, the beauty of retirement is that if the grass starts to look greener somewhere else, all you need to do is pull up anchor or cast off dock lines and go check it out." -- Sailing Forum post

Miscellaneous Suff

What we do

Morning coffee,
researching cruising grounds, passage planning, analyzing weather reports, navigating, sailing,
beachcombing, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, sun tanning, camping on secluded island beaches, hiking/exploring islands,
wandering local streets, interacting with locals and other cruisers, provisioning, doing laundry,
boat repair, maintenance and upgrade,
listening to music, reading, watching videos, moderate exercise,
occasional restaurant or takeout meal, cooking, drinks with dinner,
watching sunsets, napping, playing games, time on a computer...

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